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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prayer & a New Friend

I had a wonderful phone call tonight.  I signed up to have a "Pink Pal", which is another woman who has been through Prophylatic surgeries and continuing the journey of living with BRCA +  My new friend called me this evening and we hit it off.  She shared her experience and I shared mine and what I was preparing for.
What most impressed me was that she did not know I was a Christian, but at the end of our conversation she asked me if I was okay with her praying over me.  I of course said YES!!  She said the most wonderful prayer that just gave me sooo much peace!  Oh how I know my Lord created this divine intervention!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Da Vinci Robot

Today was the gyn-onc consultation day.   The nurses and doctors could not have made the visit any more comforting.  They are truly remarkable and I am very pleased with them.  My CT scan showed that the reason my uterus is enlarged is due to fibroids.  I hope this is the case and there is not some unseen cancerous tumor.  The Dr. said my uterus is as large as a 3-4 mos pregnancy!!  Makes sense of why I have had other issues of frequent urination, UTIs, painful heavy long periods.

So, we have scheduled a Da Vinci robotic machine for the Dr. to use to do the hysterectomy.  They say it is less invasive and minimal blood loss.  However, she did say that petite women are harder to perform on due to chances of piercing another organ-YIKES!!  Didn't like that description at all!!  Kinda weird that a robot thing is doing the surgery-really the Dr is but programs the computer to do the work.  
My greatest fear is complications with blood loss, piercing other organs ) : and complications with anesthesia.  I have never been under and don't know how I will react. Lastly, what if they find traces of cancer in the organs after the hyst.  My trust is in my Jesus and He is my peace.  I must continually remind myself of this too.  I am not a worrier and He is my warrior, He I can depend on!!
Good thing- I have 5 weeks of paid sick leave.  I won't use it all b/c I need to save some for the mastectomy.  Since the surgery  will be right after Christmas I will have apprx a week of break to recover and I'll take about 2 1/2 weeks of leave.  Dr really recommended that I take 4 weeks off, but I think I will feel better. At least I hope.
So relieved the date is set and I am sure I will be even more relieved when I am free of this cancer fate. 
Thankful for all of my family and friends who have sent kind thoughts and prayers my way!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

More Alarming News

Well, the doctor called me back after I told him I tested positive.  He wanted to see me soon.  So, I went to his office a few hours later.  He was concerned about a CT scan of my pelvis I had a couple of weeks ago when I went to the ER for kidney stones.  The CT scan shown that my pelvis was enlarged by several cm, inverted and tilted.  He had me return to radiology to get a copy of the scan to take to my appointment on Dec. 2nd.  I am going to call them on Monday to give them the news, as I don't even want to wait two more weeks.  If they can get me in the next day I will be there-highly doubt they will change my appointment.  I had two major fears, the 1st being the Dr.s would find cancer in the tissues after the surgeries and 2nd I've passed this gene onto my precious children.    Prayer and faith are getting me through!!  So thankful for my Jesus!

The Journey has begun!!!!

Well,  It has been a week since I found out I am positive for BRCA II.  My percentage is 87% for breast cancer and 28% for ovarian cancer.  However, it is really important that I remove my ovaries, because the hormones they produce cause cancer in the breasts.  If I have a hysterectomy and mastectomy my chances decrease by 90%, so it is an easy solution for me- have the surgeries!

Truthfully, the journey began over a year ago when my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer and has positive results for BRCA II.  Her dad, my uncle, passed away with cancer as well as my father and their mother (my paternal grandmother).  So, grandma had the gene, gave it to my dad and uncle, who then passed it onto my cousin and I.  My other uncles have not been tested nor any of their children.  My brother has not been tested either.  I have passed the information onto them and I am at peace with my responsibility to give them the info and support them in their decisions.

As for this last week, I am not able to concentrate on anything.  My mind is constantly thinking about my risk, percentages, options, making doctor appointments, reading message boards, and just constantly thinking thinking thinking!!  Almost too much for me the wrap my mind around.  I had a few blue days and just wanted to be alone.  Watched a movie with my hubby and cuddled up to him.  Didn't want to do much.  I feel I have to show others I am doing fine to reassure them, I guess that is my nurturing/mother instinct.

I have my gyn-oncologist consultation for Dec. 2nd.  I have no idea what to expect.  I know I want to have a hysterectomy with ovaries out.  I am wondering if they will agree, how soon I can have the surgery, how long will I be in the hospital, how long is recovery, etc.  I hope they can do it through laparoscopic surgery.  I have my breast consultation on Jan 25th, a much longer wait- Aarrghhh!  Just want it to be done, but know I need this time to get my self mentally prepared- if that is possible.

I called my family doctor and told his nurse my test results as the doctor wanted to know (he referred me to the testing) and I told her about all the anxiety I am having.  She said she would talk with him about the anxiety I am having and see what he says.  I hope I can have something to relax my mind at this point until I can deal with it more rationally as time passes.

I guess it is a waiting game at this point.  13 more days until my ovarian consultation!!!